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On average, 70% of your client’s fact-finding, opinion-building, and decision-making is done before they raise their hand and say: “I need an engineer.” That means 70% of the selection process happens before you even know there’s a project out there.

Even in a robust economy, the typical engineering firm only wins 20% of the competitive pursuits they enter. What will happen when the economy slows down and you’re facing even stiffer competition than you are right now?

Here’s the harsh truth – your same-old, same-old approach that’s producing average results today won’t sustain you through the next downturn. You need to strengthen your organization and your business development strategy to prepare for a successful future.

Join Jeff Echols to learn how to leverage the power of the Seller-Doer for an above-average win rate today and build a future-ready firm. During this 60-minute session, you’ll explore:

  • The dynamics driving a large gap between average and high-performing firms
  • The difference between an average-performing and high-performing business development strategy
  • Why leveraging your Seller-Doers ahead of the RFP process is the most efficient and effective strategy for winning a higher percentage of their pursuits

Presenter: Jeff Echols, President, echoEngagment

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