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Faced with a merger or acquisition, stakeholders – clients, staff, shareholders – often assess what OTHER changes they might make. This means firms are at peak risk for client and revenue attrition, staff turnover, and unforeseen hits to culture. Sometimes acquired assets may not be as attractive to the buyer as anticipated which may put pressure on the seller to reduce the share price.

When you consider buyer, seller, employees, clients, and trade partners, the typical merger is lose-lose-lose-lose-lose.

What’s missing is clear insight into the sentiment of each stakeholder before, during, and after a merger, and a clear plan to manage the client and employee experience throughout the process. Firms who carefully curate data and analytics during this critical transition and use those insights to design an improved experience for all stakeholders are consistently better able to retain staff, keep and grow revenue, integrate cultures, and deliver an improved return to both buyer and seller.

Join Ryan Suydam to investigate the psychological drivers behind turnover/churn decision-making, and explore a framework, tools, and metrics your A/E firm can implement to assess risks before a merger, mitigate risks during a merger, and capture value from the inherent synergies after a merger.


  • Implement a process to assess staff & client churn before executing a merger
  • Execute a predictable approach to design client and employee experiences during integration
  • Measure risks and capture value-creation after a merger
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