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Marketing planning is hard! It’s even more challenging in the always-evolving business environment. As a result, AEC firms need to plan with a great deal of flexibility, enabling them to react quickly and intelligently when things change.

Enter Agile marketing planning!

Agile (incremental) planning is not a call for doing marketing without a solid plan or constantly shifting gears – modern marketing is complicated and takes time to yield results. It’s about planning for and with flexibility, making the “unknown” a part of the marketing strategy from the start.

Flexible, incremental planning also enables AEC firms to continually reassess what’s working and prioritize those tactics that yield better results while quickly eliminating things that are less effective – before wasting too much time and resources.

The program will cover strategic approaches, planning methodologies and practical tips for creating flexible and effective marketing plans that today’s fast-changing and highly-competitive business environment demands.


  • Learn the foundational principles behind developing marketing plans that allow for flexibility while delivering more effective marketing results.
  • Understand how to use marketing research for more effective customer- and data-driven planning.
  • Learn how to set goals and develop plans with the realities of execution in mind.
  • Understand what steps their firms need to take as part of annual planning, quarterly review and monthly adjustments to prioritize those marketing activities that deliver results and eliminate those that don’t.

Presenter: Ida Cheinman, Principal/Creative Director, Substance151, Benefit LLC

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On Demand, Online, Self-Paced

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