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Many discussions of ownership transition start with program design questions such as valuation, how long it takes, and how to finance ownership transition. Many programs are developed solely from the perspective of current leaders. I think this is a recipe for failure.

There are just two critical components of any ownership transition, future leaders and profit. If these components are in place, almost any ownership program will work, and can be accomplished fairly quickly. My first question when I am asked to help firms with their ownership transition is whether the current leaders have talked to the future leaders to learn their goals.

In “Ownership Transition Starts with People” we will learn why it is important to understand the goals of both current and future leaders. We will discuss how these perspectives are the building blocks of any ownership transition, whether ownership is transitioned to employees or the firm is sold.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the implications of different ownership transition avenues.
  • Understand why ownership transition is primarily a people process.
  • Learn the keys to successful ownership transition.

    Speakers: Robert Gabel, Executive Advisor and former CFO

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