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In September 2018, the Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC) published its 2018 Construction Series Documents, including EJCDC® C-700 (2018), Standard General Conditions of the Construction Contract. New features of the 2018 Construction Series include:

  • Requirements for substantiating delay claims
  • An optional clause for objectively analyzing weather delay impacts
  • Improved and expanded insurance requirements
  • Fortification of the liquidated damages clause
  • Clarification of the process for the owner’s delegation of specified design duties to the contractor
  • Extension of the standard correction period
  • Anew warranty bond
  • Refinements of the site conditions clauses.

Join EJCDC’ legal counsel Hugh Anderson to review these changes to the 2018 Construction Series as well as:

  • Learn about significant changes made to the EJCDC Construction Series documents in the new 2018 edition
  • Understand the scope of the EJCDC Construction Series, and the interrelationship of key documents
  • Examine in detail key clauses in EJCDC C-700, Standard General Conditions of the Construction Contract, and the underlying reasons for changes to these clauses
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