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“People join companies and leave managers. Yet while most firms agree that money spent on leadership training would save on performance issues later, they’re still unwilling to commit the cash needed.

It’s time to take a closer look at what bad managers are really costing your firm.

Join Heath Suddleson to put an end to the high cost of bad management by creating a culture of positive leadership for your firm. By implementing an effective training program, you’ll help your firm avoid:

High turnover and the associated cost of on-boarding/termination processes
A cycle of bad habits as newer staff adopt the poor attitudes and behavior of current managers
Lower productivity and increased HR involvement as unhappy staff to absenteeism and presenteeism
Loss in firm reputation – when bad managers result in poor project performance, your clients will notice and you’ll lose future work
Paying a “”fix it”” team to come in and correct a project or department that’s already losing money”

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