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July 15, 2020

ACEC ACTION ALERT: Urgent Senate Action Needed on Infrastructure

Urge your Senators to act on major infrastructure legislation in July to support the nation’s economic recovery.

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Now that the House has approved a comprehensive infrastructure funding package, ACEC and other industry stakeholders are launching a joint effort to push the Senate to act on companion legislation.  The centerpiece of the agenda in the Senate is bipartisan legislation to reauthorize and expand the nation’s surface transportation programs, with the FAST Act set to expire in September.  Other infrastructure initiatives on water, broadband, and additional sectors may be included as well.

ACEC is also seeking fiscal relief for state and local governments hard hit by pandemic response actions.  This includes immediate funding to state departments of transportation and transit agencies whose revenues have declined precipitously.  This funding backstop will preserve critical services and keep projects from being cancelled or delayed.

This one-two punch will kickstart a long-term economic recovery, but time is of the essence.  Please urge your senators to work with Senate leaders to move these bills now.

All comments to blog posts will be moderated by ACEC staff.

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July 15, 2020



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