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February 1, 2022

ACEC Board Chair Robin Greenleaf to Advise FIDIC’s Global Leadership Forum

The International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) announced that ACEC Board Chair Robin Greenleaf has been named to its Global Leadership Forum Advisory Board. The advisory board is tasked with a mandate to provide strategic direction for the Forum and to support FIDIC’s growing global public engagement agenda to promote the international consulting engineering industry.

“I am honored to have been named to the advisory board,” said Robin Greenleaf, ACEC board chair and CEO of Architectural Engineers, Inc., in Boston, Mass. “FIDIC continues to grow its profile as the leader in promoting consulting engineering across the globe. The new Global Leadership Forum will bring together the best minds in the industry to highlight our role in tackling some of the world’s most pressing challenges. I’m looking forward to working with my international colleagues.”

Launched in the fall of 2021, the FIDIC Global Leadership Forum is supported by more than 100 CEOs around the world. These CEOs are helping FIDIC address key global challenges facing society through infrastructure investment. FIDIC’s recently launched Infrastructure Global online platform will play a key role in communicating the forum’s work, along with profiling its members, their companies, and the industry as a whole.

“We are thrilled that Robin has been selected to FIDIC’s Global Leadership Advisory Board,” said ACEC President and CEO Linda Bauer Darr. “As our board chair, Robin has shown thoughtful, strategic, and collaborative leadership that has grown the Council’s profile in Washington and strengthened ties between the national office and our federation of Member Organizations. I have no doubt she will similarly help make the Global Leadership Forum a success.”

FIDIC Chief Executive Dr Nelson Ogunshakin said: “When we announced the formation of the Global Leadership Forum in September last year as part of our corporate plans for 2020-2024, we did so with the aim of bringing key influencers and decision-makers together from the construction and infrastructure sectors to help address the critical issues we face as a society and an industry and to develop workable solutions to solve them. The carefully selected members of this new advisory board are diverse and, like the ACEC’s Robin Greenleaf, are all influential leaders in their fields. I am confident that they will make a positive and significant impact on the work of the FIDIC Global Leadership Forum. I look forward to working with them.”

FIDIC President Tony Barry said: “I am delighted that FIDIC has been able to attract such a range of high-profile and influential international industry and business leaders to sit on the advisory board
of the Global Leadership Forum. It is a reflection of the growing interest in FIDIC’s advocacy that we have been able to attract a range of international experts and leaders to sit on the forum’s advisory board. The forum will provide a powerful global network for leaders to discuss the key issues, and I am confident that through their discussions, deliberations, and actions they will be able to build a solid coalition of support and buy-in for what needs to be done to address the key global challenges we face and, crucially, how we collaborate to solve them.”

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February 1, 2022



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