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October 27, 2021

ACEC CEO & President Darr Reports on Strong Industry, Council Performance

At the ACEC Board of Directors meeting today, ACEC CEO & President Linda Bauer Darr gave a buoyant report on the engineering industry and the Council.

“The state of our industry is strong,” Darr said. “A/E revenues have fully rebounded to pre-pandemic levels, many firms enjoyed record profits in 2020, and productivity in our industry seems to have soared.”

Economists forecast continued expansion, she said, despite concerns about inflation, the supply chain, and most pressing, the tight labor market.

Although Congress continues to debate the passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Darr said ACEC is confident that the legislation will pass in the coming weeks. She also expressed optimism that the Council’s PPP Credit Clause fix will pass.

Darr also reported that:

  • ACEC/PAC is on track to top $1 million in fundraising again.
  • The Council is moving forward on all five goals in the Strategic Plan.
  • State Organizations had strong membership recruitment:
    • 38.4 percent had 2 percent Member Firm growth
    • 63.4 percent had 3 percent employee growth
    • 30.7 percent had both 2 percent Member Firm growth and 3 percent employee growth.

“The state of ACEC and the engineering industry is strong,” Darr concluded. “We have found strength through fighting together on shared legislative challenges.  Strength through collaboration, communication, and cooperation. And power from a singular strategic vision.”

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October 27, 2021



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