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April 4, 2019

ACEC/Ohio Claims Victory in Gas Tax Fight

ACEC/Ohio Claims Victory in Gas Tax Fight

Yesterday at 5:45pm, Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio, signed a new 10.5-cent gas tax increase and a 19-cent diesel fuel tax increase into law that will generate $865 million in new funding for infrastructure improvements. The move signals a reversal of what has been a significant decline in funding for roads and bridges in the state, with Ohio’s Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) budget proposal decreasing from a high of $2.4 billion in FY 2014 to only $1.7 billion in FY 2020.
In addition to adjusting fees paid at the pump, the legislation also covers electric and hybrid vehicles, which use the state’s roads and highways without paying for their upkeep. Under the new bill, electric vehicle owners would pay an annual $200 fee while plug-in hybrids would be assessed a new $100 annual fee.
“As a result of ODOT’s shrinking budget, Ohio’s engineering consulting industry has been forced to downsize and look for work in neighboring states with strong transportation programs,” said ACEC President/CEO . “By voting to increase user fees, the General Assembly has taken a bold step to reverse this trend and make a significant investment in Ohio’s future.”

“Months of advocacy by ACEC/Ohio and our FOR Ohio coalition members came to fruition yesterday evening with a stroke of Governor DeWine’s pen,” said ACEC/Ohio Executive Director Beth Easterday. “After years of declining revenues, it is rewarding to see Ohio turn the page by seriously investing in our state’s infrastructure.  The money generated by these user fee increases will greatly benefit the engineering industry and anyone who cares about economic development and new opportunities in the state.”

This legislative victory was made possible by the efforts of ACEC/Ohio, which launched the FOR (Fixing Our Roads) Ohio coalition consisting of over 40 business, local government, and transportation industry leaders to advocate for long-term, sustainable funding solutions for the state’s infrastructure.  ACEC National supported ACEC/Ohio with a Minuteman Fund grant to help FOR Ohio in its advocacy.

More information on ACEC’s Minuteman Fund can be found here.  


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April 4, 2019



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