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October 8, 2020

ACEC Online Classes Next Week Focus on Strategic Planning, Keys to Improving Firm Performance

ACEC will present two online classes next week.

Reimagining Strategic Planning Today (Don’t Stop Dreaming About Tomorrow – But Do it Right, Today)

Tuesday, October 13, 1:30 PM—3:00 pm (EDT)

In times of uncertainty, volatility, and change – when the path ahead for the business is tough – many firm leaders pull back their long-term, strategic planning efforts. This instinct to pause (or stop) is understandable – but it’s wrong. What’s needed in a moment like this is not less planning, but more – though the how and what of that effort must also change.

In this online class, John Doehring of J. Doehring & Co. offers a reimagined approach to strategic business planning, revealing highlights of the retooled paradigm and sharing both operational success secrets and crucial next steps for your firm to consider.

Participant takeaways include:

  • Why comprehensive, data-driven, and highly engaging organization assessments are essential to planning success;
  • How to create a more complete futures scenarios model, across a fuller range of business possibilities – and to design strategies that win across multiple paths;
  • How the soul-searching, deep-dive, aspirational visioning session is done well – even when leaders can’t easily gather in person;
  • Striking an optimal balance between important and urgent – long term strategic objectives and short term necessary actions;
  • Best practices for building momentum and sustained action – and for developing next generation leaders through the work itself;

Click here to register.


50 Ways to Improve Your Engineering Firm

Wednesday, October 14, 1:30—2:30 pm (EDT)

To set the stage for managed, profitable growth, engineering firm leaders need to deal with a number of critical challenges, including:

  • Managing the sustainable use of the firm’s resources— particularly the staff.
  • Consistently delivering great value and a terrific experience to clients that appreciate and pay for what the firm provides.
  • Making enough money to pay for today and invest in tomorrow.

In this online class, Mark Goodale of Morrissey Goodale provides a series of innovative strategies and methodologies that will create new possibilities for your firm. Topics range from learning and growth and business process to market position and financial performance.

Key takeaways include:

  • Know what a “learning organization” is and how to build one
  • Learn how to generate more value for your clients and your firm without the usual operational waste
  • Learn how to position your firm as THE expert in your target markets

Click here to register.


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October 8, 2020



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