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May 8, 2020

ACEC/PAC Holds Virtual Sweepstakes Drawing

On May 7, ACEC/PAC held a virtual drawing for its Spring Sweepstakes. More than 1,400 tickets were sold, topping the participation from last year’s Spring Sweepstakes.

Here are the winners:

  • $10,000 Dan Coyle, Kimley Horn, MN
  • $5,000 Robert Polk, Volkert, TN
  • $5,000 Jason Matson, Kimley Horn, CA
  • $2,500 Thomas Swenson, TransSystems, KS
  • $2,500 Gregg Bundschuh, ACEC/Business Insurance Trust/Greyling, GA
  • $1,000 Benjamin Borcherding, American Structurepoint, IN
  • $1,000 Thomas Hayden, Environmental & Geotechnical Specialists, Inc., FL
  • $1,000 Jonathan Kramer, OHM Advisors, MI
  • $1,000 Thomas Longest, Beam, Longest, and Neff, IN
  • $1,000 Scott Gombar, Eisman Russon, FL
  • $1,000 Colleen Torres, ACEC Indiana
  • $1,000 Steven Speaks, Larry E Speaks and Associates, AL
  • $1,000 Dan McCauley, Great West Engineering, MT
  • $1,000 Paula Schultz, Strand Associates, WI
  • $1,000 Ron Osterloh, Pond, GA

“Four states have already reached their 2020 PAC Goal:  Indiana, Hawaii, Minnesota and Wisconsin,” said ACEC Vice President Political Affairs Dave Bender. “Minnesota achieved their PAC goal for the first time ever, and Wisconsin reached their goal 4 hours before the Sweepstakes drawing.”

Bender added, “We’ve created a Virtual Fundraising Idea Template to assist states in achieving their goals, broadening their fundraising and contributor base, and having fun while doing it. If anyone is interested in the template, please email me.”

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May 8, 2020



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