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February 11, 2021

ACEC/PAC Tops $1 Million in Annual Fundraising, Finishes Just Short of 2019 Record

Despite substantial headwinds due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ACEC/PAC once again raised more than $1 million to support business-minded Congressional candidates.

ACEC/PAC raised $1,085,915 in 2020, just $16,613 off its annual record of $1,102,528, set in 2019. ACEC/PAC has raised more than $1 million in each of the past four years.

The pandemic made fundraising much more difficult because most Member Organizations rely on networking and face-to-face events to solicit member contributions.

“There was a lot of uncertainty regarding our PAC fundraising campaign with the pandemic in early March,” said ACEC Political Affairs Vice President Dave Bender. “Understandably, contributions slowed enough to put us down a quarter-million dollars as of the 4th of July, compared to 2019. But our Member Organizations and PAC Champions got to work and closed that deficit with a strong 2nd half of the year.”

The PAC continues to broaden its contributor base. In 2020, nearly 3,000 people contributed to the PAC, and 718 of them were new contributors, Twenty-six members contributed the maximum $5,000, another 57 contributed more than $2,500, and 254 more gave between $1,000 and $2,499. 

Nineteen member firms contributed to the PAC, with five giving the maximum contribution of $5,000: CDM Smith, Michael Baker International, STV, Terracon, and TranSystems. 

Kimley-Horn led the way in employee contributions, with $47,565, followed by HNTB ($17,565) and HDR ($15,695)  

Forty-four states hit their 2020 fundraising targets, with Illinois raising the most, $68,005. Indiana was the first state across the line, on January 1, and for the year raised 180 percent of their goal. Minnesota achieved their fundraising goal for the first time. 

“Many D.C.-based trade associations reported a decrease in their respective PAC fundraising anywhere from 20-50 percent,” Bender said. “Thankfully, we did not experience that, as our members truly understand the value of our relationship with members of Congress in achieving our policy goals.”

For more information about ACEC/PAC and ACEC’s political programs, visit the ACEC/PAC website or contact ACEC Vice President Political Affairs Dave Bender or ACEC/PAC Director Jennifer Pugh.

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February 11, 2021



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