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March 13, 2019

ACEC President/CEO Linda Bauer Darr’s Statement Supporting Multi-Year Surface Transportation Legislation

ACEC  President/CEO Linda Bauer Darr's Statement Supporting Multi-Year Surface Transportation Legislation

“ACEC’s member firms that work with state DOTs understand the importance of long-term certainty in infrastructure funding and policy.  Without it, state and local agencies and their private sector partners cannot effectively develop and implement long-range improvement plans that help reduce congestion, enhance mobility, and improve safety.

The FAST Act has empowered states to make critical infrastructure investments and take steps to address their own financing challenges. Since 2013, 27 states have increased user fees to fund their transportation programs and many more are following suit.  It is our hope that Congress will be inspired by the leadership shown by the states and pair a multi-year surface transportation bill with a plan to finally address the revenues flowing into the Highway Trust Fund.  We look forward to helping to advance a strong bill that equips owners to design and build resilient systems and leverage emerging technologies that reflect 21st century needs.”

To view complete statement, click here.

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March 13, 2019



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