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March 6, 2019

ACEC Testifies Before House Small Business Committee

ACEC Testifies Before House Small Business Committee

In a House Committee on Small Business hearing, “Rebuilding America: Small Business Perspective.” Roseline Bougher, president of A.D. Marble, a 50-employee environmental and engineering firm in King of Prussia, Pa., testified on ACEC’s behalf about the impact of the lack of infrastructure funding on small firms.

“Whether it’s a highway widening to accommodate a growing population and ease congestion, or a water utility that needs to update 80-year-old pipes and ensure clean water for the community–these funds are directly invested in physical infrastructure that creates a lasting benefit for the public, improves health and safety, and spurs additional economic activity,” Bougher said. “It also provides local businesses with direct contracting opportunities, and the flow-down effect helps bolster other local economic activity as well.”

Bougher also urged the committee to consider environmental regulatory reforms to reduce unnecessary project delays.

“I can tell you from direct experience that current regulations can be duplicative and unnecessarily lengthy,” she said. “Federal rules need to be updated to get projects through the process more efficiently, which actually enhances environmental protection by bringing the benefits of the project to the public faster.”

To read Bougher’s testimony, click here. To watch the hearing, click here.  


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March 6, 2019



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