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March 2, 2020

BIM for Infrastructure: Are You Ready to Sign and Seal 3D Deliverables?

Using 3D-design information to automate highway construction is a key part of FHWA’s “Every Day Counts” Program. Recently, numerous DOT’s and major transportation clients have begun taking 3D Design to new levels, including signing and sealing contractual 3D deliverables for construction.

Is your firm prepared to do the same?

In the March 12 online class BIM for Infrastructure: Are You Ready to Sign and Seal 3D Deliverables?, HDR’s Will Sharp, Dan Prokop, Shawn Rodda, and Alexa Mitchell will provide an industry overview of BIM for Infrastructure and digital delivery in the US, including the recent AASHTO movement towards open 3D data standards.

They will also examine ongoing pilot projects with 3D contractual deliverables and discuss consultant liability concerns and proposed mitigation measures.

Class participants will Explore the long term approach to implementing 3D Design and BIM across a major A/E practice and how to apply it to your firm; examine the current state of 3D practice, particularly FHWA/DOT’s implementation of BIM for Infrastructure; and discuss liability issues and potential mitigation measures for 3D signed and sealed deliverables prepared by consultants.

Click here for more information and to register.

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March 2, 2020



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