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May 23, 2022

CBS’ Brennan Warns Divided, Misinformed Electorate Threatens Democracy

CBS’ Brennan Warns Divided, Misinformed Electorate Threatens Democracy

“Face the Nation Moderator” Margaret Brennan told the ACEC Annual Convention audience Monday that Democracy is endangered, and public misinformation is a leading cause.

“The view of Washington D.C. journalists is almost as dismal today as the view about Congress,” Brennan said, adding that misinformation is a reason why our Democracy is not functioning as well as it should these days.

“An informed electorate is a key part of a successful Democracy,” she said.

A major example of the misinformation she noted was how it was known by the government, including the former president, that COVID-19 was extremely contagious and dangerous, yet kept the information from public knowledge.

“Accurate information about the pandemic mattered directly to people’s well-being, but it was kept silent.” Brennan noted. “As a result, the national trauma of the pandemic will shape our politics for long time to come.”

She also pointed to recent CBS News Polls which show how a majority of U.S. voters would more likely label Democrats weak, while labeling the GOP extreme, and hateful.

“These divisions are toxic and worrisome,” she said.

She urged news watchers to be more cognizant of the difference between commentary and journalism, and to question the source before taking what’s said at face value.

“Remember there are people here, including those I work with, who came to Washington D.C. to make a difference.”

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May 23, 2022



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