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This Sunday will mark the beginning of Engineers Week, a recognition of the crucial role engineering plays in our nation’s progress and prosperity. While for us here at ACEC, every week is Engineers Week, E-Week is an opportunity to showcase the incalculable impact of engineering in our homes, our communities, our country, and the world. The third week of February was chosen to commemorate Engineers Week to coincide with the February 22 birthdate of George Washington, who is considered by many to be our nation’s first engineer due to his survey work.


This year’s E-Week theme is “Welcome to the Future.” It is a celebration of engineering as the bridge that connects the present to the future, with the ability to improve every human endeavor along the way. Engineers make the lives we lead possible. They are the technical and creative forces behind the homes we live in, the buildings we work in, the transportation systems that get us there, and the infrastructure that propels it all. From developing sustainable energy sources to designing smart cities, engineers are shaping the future of our planet.

But the future we envision isn’t possible without a talented workforce. And that is the other goal of E-Week: to tell the story of engineering and to capture the imaginations of young would-be engineers. This next generation of engineering professionals will bring not just technical ability, but also a deep understanding of the social and environmental implications of the work they do. A generation driven by a desire to make a positive impact is a perfect match for an industry driven by that same desire. That’s the story of engineering, and E-Week is an opportunity to amplify that story.

How is your firm celebrating E-Week? Send us your events and/or your photos. We’re excited to share what our members are doing.


February 13, 2024



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