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May 23, 2022

Charity: Water Providing Life-Saving Benefits

Charity: Water Providing Life-Saving Benefits

A good Christian kid who wanted to be a doctor, unfortunately lost his way as a drugged-out New York Night club promoter, only have a major life pivot and become someone key in the saving of thousands of lives and counting.

Annual Convention attendees were captivated by disturbing details of Scott Harrison’s early religious upbringing, including a tragedy surrounding his mother, and a subsequent fall into the depths of nightclub depravity.

But it in a dramatic life reversal, Harrison volunteered as a photojournalist for the Christian charity Mercy Ships, which operates a fleet of hospital ships offering free healthcare. It was while docked in Liberia his life changed forever.

“There was one doctor for every 50,000 residents,” he said. “I also learned that one-half the country was drinking extremely contaminated water.”

He showed the audience a photo of a woman who had a tumor growing out of her mouth so large she would cover it in public for fear of being stoned to death.

“Another child had a tumor in his mouth that literally was suffocating,” he said. “No human should be drinking water filled with worms and parasites.  I knew what I had to do.”

After returning to New York, he founded charity:water in 2006—a charity that raises money and awareness of the need to install needed clean water systems throughout the world.

Yet, 771 million people today still lack basic access to clean and safe drinking water, which impacts a person’s health and education.

charity: water is making a tremendous impact. To date, more than 19,000 projects in 29 countries have been completed, through the charity’s efforts and providing nearly 15 million people new access to clean water and a brighter future.

“We plan to keep up exhibitions and campaigns and continue to address this huge human problem.”

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May 23, 2022



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