Finance & Administration

Hector Potrait

Hector Portillo

Hector Portillo oversees ACEC’s Information Technology needs and provides support to the organization. Prior to joining ACEC, Hector had a long career working with Managed Service Providers, allowing him to…

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Karen George

Karen George has been charged with the people of ACEC. Karen is a highly motivated and results driven Human Resources professional with over 30-years of experience at the Council. She…

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Antonio Binantoro Portrait

Antonius Binantoro

Antonius has been with ACEC since 2007, started in Finance and Administration As Mailing and Printing Clerk. And started as an Accountting Assistant since 2019. Anton is graduate of Universitas…

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Portrait of Steve Lim

Steve Lim

Steve Lim is ACEC’s staff member since 2001 and has been in the Finance and Administration department since he started. Prior to his work at ACEC, he was working for…

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Alex Portrait

Alex Chuenyam

Alex started his ACEC career as a temporary associate to help with the Engineering Excellence Awards and went on to becoming a full-time member. Alex now oversees the operations and…

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Regina Hockaday Portrait

Regina Hockaday

Over 35 years in various positions in Administration, 11 years at ACEC. Graduate of the National Conservatory of the Dramatic Arts and the Columbia School of Broadcasting. Fun Fact When…

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Barry Doyle Portrait

Barry Doyle

Barry Doyle has been with ACEC since 2010, managing ACEC’s accounting, budgeting and audit functions. Prior to ACEC Barry worked for 11 years at Lane & Company, CPAs, a D.C.…

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Mark Moulton Portrait

Mark Moulton

Mark Moulton oversees and directs ACEC’s Operations and IT. Fun Fact Mark is a big fan of HGTV and loves DIY.

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Caroline Knox

Caroline Knox joined ACEC in 2021 with over fifteen years of executive experience in helping companies and nonprofits to rethink, streamline, and automate their financial and operational systems. A native…

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