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April 21, 2022

Designing A Better World: VHB’s EVgo Electric Charging Stations

Designing A Better World: VHB's EVgo Electric Charging Stations

As we celebrate Earth Day, we’re shining a spotlight on our member firms and the projects they are working on to make the world a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable place for all of us.  Want to really change the world?  Become an engineer and join the ranks of America’s engineering industry which is working to make things better today and for our future.  

Today we’re showcasing VHB’s EVgo Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

As electric vehicle options become widespread across the U.S., EVgo is helping to meet the demand for charging stations by building the necessary support infrastructure. With more than 800 electric vehicle charging stations across the U.S., EVgo is the nation’s largest public network of fast chargers that are 100 percent renewable energy powered. VHB, as a teaming partner to WB Engineers, is providing site and civil engineering, landscape architecture, zoning, and permitting to support the infrastructure for charging station locations across Georgia, Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina—strategically located along major interstate routes and near shopping centers to provide convenient, reliable access for powering vehicles. Learn more.





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April 21, 2022



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