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February 26, 2021

Government Affairs Update Podcast: Reverse Industry Day With the EPA

ACEC Environmental and Energy Programs Director Lynn Schloesser discusses ACEC’s first ever Reverse Industry Day (RID) between the ACEC Water, Energy and Environment Committee and Environmental Protection Agency.  

Unlike regular industry days, RIDs put the agency acquisition staff in the audience while industry representatives present their perspectives of doing business with the government. 

To make the event even more unique, ACEC partnered with the Professional Services Council to bring EPA officials in as moderators, which enmeshed them even further in the preparation and execution of the event. 

Overall, RIDs help to uncover hidden challenges in the contracting process and serve to deepen relationships between government agencies and the firms looking to do business with them.

Click here to listen to the podcast episode.


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February 26, 2021



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