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January 6, 2020

Hit the Ground Running with Exclusive 2020 Engineering Market Forecast, January 9

Hit the Ground Running with Exclusive 2020 Engineering Market Forecast, January 9

As we approach the top of this prolonged economic cycle, what happens next? Should we brace for a broad, steep pull-back as we saw 10 years ago? Will the slowdown be much tamer this time around? Or will it be something in between?

Many engineering firms continue to enjoy robust backlogs and solid pipeline opportunities. Good employees are still very hard to find. Yet the chatter is getting louder and louder that the warnings signs are out there. Unfortunately, this chatter isn’t sending a consistent message.

On Thursday, January 9, FMI Capital Investors’ Greg Powell will present the online class 2020 Engineering Industry Outlook – Important Trends and Market Dynamics that Will Influence the Industry in the Year to Come, exploring current economic conditions, discussing the outlook for the A/E market, and laying out some of the key factors influencing engineering companies as we head into the new year.

Powell will also outline economic and geopolitical trends and how they are impacting the U.S. market; address A/E/C market sector-by-sector investment trends at both the national and regional levels; examine current market sentiment from a variety of stakeholders, including economists, project owners, and A/E leaders; and preview some interesting trends revealed in a recent joint FMI/ACEC ownership transition and management succession survey.

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January 6, 2020



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