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July 24, 2020

Latest ACEC Private Industry Brief Highlights Key Economic Trends, Forecasts Market Performance

ACEC has just released its latest Private Industry Brief, reporting on the 2Q 2020 economic performance and looking ahead through 2024.

The report delves into five macroeconomic trends for the coming months:

  • The economic recovery will likely be “U-Shaped.”
  • Federal stimulus remains critical for our economic health.
  • The economy won’t come back until consumers do.
  • The public sector markets face declines in 2021.
  • The pandemic will change urban, site, and building design.

The report also offers a forecast for five major market sectors: Commercial and residential real estate; intermodal and logistics; energy and utilities; health care and science/technology; and public sector and P3s.

Click here to download the report.



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July 24, 2020



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