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January 10, 2020

New Video Promotes ACEC Coalition Programs and Membership

New Video Promotes ACEC Coalition Programs and Membership

ACEC has produced a video promoting the services, programs, and products of its seven coalitions. Click here to view the video.

All ACEC members are eligible to join the coalitions, which are dedicated communities organized by practice area or firm size. The coalitions provide a range of practical, day-to-day resources to enhance the operation of your business and make it more profitable by sharing knowledge and best practices with peers in your area of specialization.

The seven ACEC’s coalitions are the Coalition of American Mechanical and Electrical Engineers (CAMEE); Coalition of American Structural Engineers (CASE); Coalition of Professional Surveyors (COPS); Geoprofessional Coalition: Land Development Coalition; and Small Firm Coalition.

Click here for more information about the coalitions.

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January 10, 2020



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