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October 11, 2019

New York Tops ACEC/PAC Fundraising Goal

New York Tops ACEC/PAC Fundraising Goal

ACEC New York surpassed its ACEC/PAC goal last week but the MO is not resting on its laurels.

“We continue to work to build a culture of supporting advocacy efforts and the PAC is the cornerstone of our success,” said outgoing PAC Champion Tom Cascino of AECOM, who now chairs the ACEC New York board of directors. “Our new PAC Champion Lee Ecker has hit the ground running and has his hands full as we embark on the final two years of our 100 in 100 campaign where we plan to break the $100,000 mark in our 100th year of operation in 2021.”

“Tom–and Charlie G before him–have set a high bar by raising more PAC funds by any MO and we won’t give up the title easily,” said Ecker of CHA, who also credited ACEC New York staff member Campbell Wallace for the achievement. “We plan to remain on an upward trajectory. We now have three Capitol Club members and we will continue working to build our major donors, while at the same time demonstrating the value of PAC participation to all of our members. If we do our job well, the donations and support will follow.”

For more information about ACEC/PAC and ACEC’s political programs visit the ACEC/PAC website or contact ACEC Director of Political Affairs Jennifer Pugh.

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October 11, 2019



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