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September 24, 2021

Next Week’s Online Classes: COVID Rulemaking, SF-330, Compensation Plans, and Agile Marketing

Fed OSHA’s 2nd COVID-19 Emergency Rulemaking: Vaccine and Testing Mandates 
Monday, September 27, 1:30-3:00 PM (Eastern)

On Sept. 9th, President Biden unveiled a new COVID-19 Action Plan with one of several key goals to “Vaccinate the Unvaccinated.” The most notable aspect of that plan is a directive to federal OSHA to develop a second COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard requiring all but small employers in all industries to implement “soft” vaccine mandates; i.e., require employees to either be fully vaccinated or get weekly testing. The President also directed OSHA to include in this new ETS a requirement that employers provide paid time for employees to get vaccinated and recover from ill effects of the vaccine. 

Separately, the President issued Executive Order 14042, setting “hard” vaccine mandates for federal contractors and healthcare workers, which will take effect much sooner than the OSHA mandate.

The President’s announcements were lean on details and prompted as many questions as it answered. Join Eric Conn of Conn Maciel Carey, LLP to review OSHA’s new COVID-19 emergency rulemaking to set vaccine mandates for many US employers, including:

  • What will OSHA’s new COVID-19 emergency rule require?
  • Which employers will be covered by the rule?
  • Will it be employers or employees who have to pay for weekly testing of unvaccinated workers?
  • When will the new ETS be issued?
  • What documentation will be required to verify vaccination and testing status?

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Mastering the SF-330 – A Key Step in Winning Government Business
Tuesday, September 28, 1:30-3:00 PM Eastern

Developed to streamline the proposal submissions process and create a clear basis for qualifications-based selection, Standard Form 330 (SF 330) has been used by government entities and other owner organizations to select A/E firms for more than 15 years.

The SF 300 challenges A/E firms to distinguish themselves by responding to stated evaluation criteria in a custom format, with impactful narratives, and within defined data blocks and page/space limitations.

Join Philios Angelides, president of The Angelides Group, to learn effective decision-making strategies prior to and during preparation for SF 330 submissions, including what and how to present your team and its qualifications, and how to position your firm for success after submission.

Participant takeaways include:

  • Understand the various forms and sections of the SF 330 and how they relate to each other
  • Develop resumes that respond to RFP criteria
  • Select the right projects to reflect your firm’s experience and customizing them accordingly
  • Create an appropriate balance of key staff and firm experience
  • Develop the right team structure and articulate respective team member roles to explain value to the proposed contract and the client
  • Use appropriate narratives, graphics, and tables to respond to the RFP evaluation criteria and the client’s preferences

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Simple Incentive Compensation That Works! 
Thursday, September 29, 1:30-3:00 PM Eastern

How do we connect the daily decisions of our employees to the short and long-term health of the business? One key is implementing an incentive compensation program that works.

Incentive compensation programs vary greatly, but there are some simple principles that the best plans each share. Understanding these principles and implementing them into your plan may be just what you need.

Ty Kicklighter of Dent Moses LLP will take a closer look at the guiding principles of incentive compensation, review a simple plan design, and share the tools you need to put this to work within your firm.

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Marketing Planning 2022: Flexibility Meets Results
Thursday, September 30, 1:30-2:30 PM Eastern

Marketing planning is hard! 

It’s even more challenging in the rapidly evolving business environment. If we’ve learned anything in the last 18 months, it’s that we need to plan with a great deal of flexibility, enabling our firms to react quickly and intelligently when things change.

Enter agile marketing planning!

Agile (incremental) planning is not a call for doing marketing without a solid plan or constantly shifting gears. It’s about planning for and with flexibility, making the “unknown” a part of the marketing strategy from the start.

Flexible, incremental planning also enables A/E firms to continually reassess what’s working and prioritize those tactics that yield better results while quickly eliminating things that are less effective – before wasting too much time and resources.

In this session,  Ida Cheinman, principal/creative director at Substance151, Benefit LLC, will cover strategic approaches, planning methodologies and practical tips for creating flexible and effective marketing plans that today’s fast-changing and highly competitive business environment demands. You’ll learn:

  • The foundational principles behind developing marketing plans that allow for flexibility while delivering more effective marketing results
  • How to use marketing research for more effective customer- and data-driven planning
  • How to set goals and develop plans with the realities of execution in mind
  • What steps do your firms need to take as part of annual planning, quarterly review and monthly adjustments to prioritize those marketing activities that deliver results and eliminate those that don’t

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September 24, 2021



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