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October 22, 2020

Next Week’s Online Classes Highlight Effective Teams and Winning in the Virtual Marketplace

ACEC will host two online classes next week, focusing on building effective teams and succeeding in the suddenly virtual marketplace.

Building Effective Collaborative Aligned Teams
Tuesday, October 27, 1:30–2:30 PM (Eastern)

In this session, Ted Gerber, president of Addison Resources Group, will focus on the key elements required for building effective collaborative aligned teams. Among the topics he will cover are the need to define a clear mission, the importance of establishing clarity on roles/responsibilities, the value of having candor and receptiveness, effective decision making, managing conflict, influencing other team members and developing enterprise vs. silo thinking.

Participant takeaways include:

  • How to assess the current state of your team effectiveness
  • How to raise level of candor and receptivity among team members
  • Defining clear decision making and conflict management structures
  • Getting team members to think from an enterprise vs. silo view
  • Link team effectiveness to business results

Click here to register.

Suddenly Virtual: Business Models for the New Professional Services Marketplace
Wednesday, October 28, 1:30–2:30 PM (Eastern)

The COVID-19 virus has utterly transformed today’s business environment, and most professional services firms are struggling to understand its short- and long-term implications. If the marketplace is unlikely to return to pre-March conditions anytime soon, how can your firm adapt? In a world where colleagues and clients alike are working from their homes, what changes do you need to make to your business?

In this online class, Karl Feldman of Hinge Marketing will explore how professional services firms can adjust their business models to address the realities of a highly distributed, virtual business environment.

Find out what this seismic shift means for your firm—and some specific strategies you can use to adapt your services, delivery and pricing model to today’s topsy-turvy marketplace, including:

  • How to deliver professional services in a remote world
  • How to repackage your services to appeal to new audiences
  • How to price your services for a virtual clientele
  • Ideas for new digital services
  • Examples of how firms are already adapting in the real world

Click here to register.

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October 22, 2020



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