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November 4, 2021

Podcasts to Download from the 2021 ACEC Fall Conference

Podcasts to Download from the 2021 ACEC Fall Conference

The Engineering Influence podcast team took advantage of the recent 2021 ACEC Fall Conference to conduct a host of episodes with industry and business leaders.

Emerging Professional Practice Risks with Victor Insurance

Yvonne Castillo and Nahom Gebre from Victor Insurance discuss professional liability protections and emerging professional practice risks for engineering firms. 

A Conversation with Mitch Joel, Keynote Speaker and Founder, Six Pixels Group

When brands like Google, Walmart, Starbucks, Microsoft, and Twitter want to leverage technology to better connect with their consumers, they call Mitch Joel, founder of Six Pixels Group – an advisory, investing, and content producing company that is focused on brands, commerce, community, and what’s next.

ACEC Florida’s Allen Douglas on Surfside and Building Inspection

Allen Douglas discusses ACEC/FL’s new recommendations on building inspections—a topic of great interest in the wake of the Surfside collapse earlier this year.

Ginny Clarke on Hiring the ”Best Talent” and Defining Culture in the New Age of Work

Ginny Clarke, a professional in talent development and recruitment delivered the Friday keynote and challenged traditional ideas on what makes a great hire. 

An interview with Keith London, the 2021 ACEC Chair Emeritus Award Honoree

Keith London, the 2021 ACEC Chair Emeritus Award honoree, discusses his style of leadership and his contribution to the engineering industry and ACEC.

Digital Marketing with ACEC Director of Marketing Chris Grindler

ACEC’s Chris Grindler discusses digital marketing for engineering firms and what ACEC is doing to improve its marketing programs.

ACEC Young Professional of the Year Victoria Ballestero

Victoria Ballestero with ATCS in Largo, MD was honored as an ACEC Young Professional of the Year.

ACEC Young Professional of the Year Molly Dee Ramasamy

Molly Dee Ramasamy from Jaros, Baum & Bolles in New York was honored as an ACEC Young Professional of the Year.

The ACEC Retirement Trust Student Debt Solution

Terry Neimeyer discusses the ACEC Retirement Trust’s new offering—the Student Debt Solution.  If a participating firm employee uses 2% or more of their salary to pay off student loans, an employer can match that amount as a contribution into a 401(K). This allows the employee to get started towards retirement savings while still allowing them to repay their debt. The Student Debt Solution is the only structure that allows employer assistance with student debt repayment on a pre-tax basis. This is a great way for a firm to attract and retain talent in a competitive marketplace. You can learn more at

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November 4, 2021



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