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December 11, 2019

Research Highlights Reasons Why Young Women Choose to Remain in Engineering

Research Highlights Reasons Why Young Women Choose to Remain in Engineering

Rather than looking at reasons why young women leave engineering, a new study by DiscoverE and the Concord Evaluation Group examines why women choose to stay.

The study, Despite the Odds: Young Women Who Persist in Engineering, is a comprehensive literature review looking to answer two questions: Why girls choose to pursue engineering in college; and what factors affect whether young women persist in engineering.

The report found seven key factors behind young women’s decision to stick with STEM:

  • Interest in and positive attitudes toward engineering
  • Recognition of the value of engineering as a profession
  • Self confidence that they have the skills and knowledge to do the work
  • Self-identifying as STEM professionals: “This is who I am”
  • Having a strong support network
  • Having the ability to draw strength from personal or cultural experiences and struggles
  • Feeling a sense of belonging

“DiscoverE has published this study as a call to action to help to foster collaboration and explore further,” said DiscoverE Executive Director Leslie Collins. “We hope the success stories uncovered through this study can serve as a template so that young women looking at potential engineering careers can more easily make their way forward.”

Click here to download the study.

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December 11, 2019



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