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The U.S. Department of Transportation Project Delivery Center of Excellence has included contract documents, templates, and other resources from the Engineers Joint Contracts Document Committee (EJCDC) – a joint initiative of ACEC, ASCE, and NSPE – as part of a new effort to help ensure consistency and quality in design and construction contracts.

The Center maintains a toolkit of resources and best practices for state and local project sponsors implementing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to keep projects on time, on task, and on budget. The departmental announcement notes that recipients of federal infrastructure funds can utilize effective project agreements to appropriately outline the roles, responsibilities, terms, and conditions for a project’s successful delivery. Ready-made contracts available from EJCDC can save time when drafting and negotiating key provisions. The families of EJCDC documents are the most comprehensive and widely used standard contract documents in the United States for engineer-led infrastructure and industrial projects, and they are regularly updated by industry experts based on industry trends, decisions in construction disputes, and others.

The Project Delivery Center of Excellence partnered with ACEC and several national associations to identify templates and model language for transportation design and construction contracts. This new resource provides a central repository of high-quality templates and model language available for purchase.

State and local project sponsors and their contracting partners can visit the Project Delivery Center of Excellence website to explore transportation-related, off-the-shelf templates that help develop robust project agreements efficiently.



June 26, 2024



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