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October 14, 2019

Washington Post’s Costa Says Capitol Hill in “All-Out Political War”

Washington Post’s Costa Says Capitol Hill in

Robert Costa, a top political reporter for the Washington Post told Fall Conference attendees on Monday that the nation is witnessing history regarding the ongoing impeachment investigation of President Donald Trump and the potential impact on the upcoming presidential elections.

“With the House controlled by Democrats, it means the President will almost certainly be impeached,” Costa said. “Then there will be the matter of a trial in the Senate and everyone is wondering what will the GOP do?

“The GOP is fragile but very much willing to stick with him,” he said. “However, there are about 30 Senators that could be flipped depending on further findings from ongoing investigations.”

Costa noted that because of the impeachment cloud, any potential legislation by the Trump administration has been effectively stopped. He added the administration now regrets not prioritizing infrastructure earlier in his term and predicted the next serious effort to pass meaningful infrastructure investment will be after the 2020 elections.

“Both parties are grappling with how to connect with a new electorate,” he said, adding that voters want radical change after having lost faith in government after the 2008 recession.

“In the meantime, it is all-out political war on Capitol Hill.”


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October 14, 2019



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