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October 29, 2021

Young Engineers Reveal What Excites Them About Their Profession

Young Engineers Reveal What Excites Them About Their Profession

A Fall Conference panel of four young Member Firm engineers named the future impacts of engineering as a primary reason they remain enthused about engineering.

The General Session panel was co-moderated by Guest Speaker Ginny Clarke and ACEC President & CEO Linda Bauer Darr. Panelists were Kathleen Keen, VHB; Brian Pietryka, AECOM; Richard Shimino; Raba-Kistner and Jason Webber, Kimley-Horn.

Topics included the debate between remote vs. in office attendance, which panelists seemed adaptable to any company mandate, and is it true that young engineers have a heightened sense to help “save the world, which all agreed did exist, just more overtly in some than others.

Most agreed that the culture of their firm was important to them staying, “As engineers we have confidence in our expertise, and if we’re working well with colleagues, we know we can provide solutions,” said Richard Shimino of Raba-Kistner.

When asked “What excites you about the industry,” the responses were distinctly varied, but echoed a similar theme—the industry’s potential future impact on making a positive difference.

“The industry’s growing technological development, and its growing ability to make an impact going forward is what excites me,” said Keen of VHB, while AECOM’s Pietryka said, the “shifting priorities of what clients need, resulting in changes in how the industry will respond,” is what encourages him.

Kimley-Horn’s Webber pointed to the “enhanced visibility and growing awareness of the importance of engineering,” as what excites him most about the industry.

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October 29, 2021



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