Mr. Qualls received both a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering and a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from Texas Tech University and is a Registered Professional Engineer with the State of Texas.

Mr. Qualls has been with the City of Dallas Water Utilities Department for 18 years. He is currently serving as the Senior Program Manager over the Planning Division within the Water Utilities Department. As such he is responsible for the development and implementation of the City’s long-range water supply plan and drought contingency plan, the administration of the City’s water rights, water storage contracts and water supply contracts, the development and operation of water supply operations modeling as well as the review of State and Federal rules and legislation that may impact the Dallas Water Utilities operations. Mr. Qualls oversees the Wholesale Services which administers treated and untreated water supply contracts between Dallas and its customer cities. Mr. Qualls was the Project Manager for the Dallas-Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) Integrated Pipeline Project’s preliminary engineering, pre-design, the interagency contracting and is the City’s liaison with TRWD.

Prior to working for the City of Dallas, Mr. Qualls has worked in both the private and the public sectors; he worked in various capacities with the Brazos River Authority for approximately 11.5 years where he prepared water demand and water use projections, managed regional water and wastewater preliminary design studies and was the Project Manager for the Brazos G Regional Water Plan.

Mr. Qualls is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, American Water Resources Association, American Water Works Association and Texas Water Conservation Association. Mr. Qualls is a Diplomat of Water Resources Engineers with the American Academy of Water Resources and has been inducted into the Texas Tech University Civil and Environmental Engineering Academy. Mr. Qualls serves on the Trinity and San Jacinto River Basin and Galveston Bay Basin and Bay Area Stakeholder Committee for the development of environmental flows, serves as an alternate on the Region C Water Planning Group for the development of the State Water Plan, serves on the Texas Water Conservation Association (TWCA) Board of Directors, a member of the Executive Committee and Policy Committee, and serves at the Vice Chair of the TWCA Municipal Panel and serves on the TWCA Federal Affairs Committee. Served on the ASCE Texas Section’s Infrastructure Report Card Committee – Water and Wastewater Subcommittee and serving on the ASCE Texas Section Beyond Storms Infrastructure Network Resilience Task Committee – Water and Wastewater Subcommittee and Weather Subcommittee.