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Infrastructure funding is the central issue on Capitol Hill right now, with the President and Congress negotiating to determine federal investment levels for the next several years.

In the transportation sector, however, states and local governments actually invest more in infrastructure annually than does the federal government—about $170 billion to $146 billion, according to the latest figures.

In recent years, many states have responded to the need for repair and expand their transportation infrastructure by raising user fees, usually the state gas tax. Since 2010, 37 states have raised their gas tax, with the latest coming last week, when Missouri passed legislation to raise its 17-cent-per-gallon gas tax by 12.5 cents over the next five years.

Morgan Mundell, executive director of ACEC Missouri, came onto the program to talk about the campaign to win the gas tax increase.


ACEC Life/Health Trust

May 19, 2021

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