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America’s engineering industry applauds Chairman Barrasso, Ranking Member Carper and the committee for approving the America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act. This bill provides funding to grow essential programs and long-term certainty; the two most important ingredients for addressing the nation’s transportation needs. 

We are also encouraged that the bill codifies elements of the ‘One Federal Decision’ policy to speed project delivery and includes new competitive grant programs for resiliency.

America’s engineers are tested daily to design infrastructure that can withstand a changing climate, unpredictable weather and increasingly devastating natural disasters. This bill provides the resources necessary to help state agencies improve resiliency and durability in their long-term planning.

By approving the America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act, the committee took the critical first step towards FAST Act reauthorization. We urge Congress to use this bill as a means to address the looming issue of Highway Trust Fund solvency and the need to increase the gas tax.



July 30, 2019

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