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Renewables are the fastest-growing sector in the energy market, with solar and wind expected to make up 70% of utility-scale electricity generation capacity domestic additions in 2021. Critical to the current and future expansion of the renewables market is storage, because solar and wind are intermittent but energy demand is constant. Storage technologies have developed at a rapid pace in recent years, but what about going forward. What can we expect in the energy sector in 2035?

Arup offers an answer to that question in its report—Future of Energy 2035: What will a future U.S. energy storage look like?

Joining us on the program are two authors of the report. Cole Roberts is Arup’s Energy Business Leader for the Americas region, and Geoff Gunn is the Energy Systems Lead.

Click here to download the report.

In the podcast, Roberts highlighted two Arup projects:

Charge4AllTM, which is geospatial site suitability software for streamlining the deployment of public charging points for electric vehicles.

SolarResilient, which provides recommendations for solar PV plus battery storage systems to simultaneously answer the need for energy resilience during a grid disruption while also decarbonizing the community by providing renewable energy storage and generation.




ACEC Life/Health Trust

October 12, 2021

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