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American Council of Engineering Companies Honors NASA’s Charlie Blackwell-Thompson with Distinguished Award of Merit

Washington, DC – The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) is pleased to announce that it has awarded Charlie Blackwell-Thompson the prestigious 2023 Distinguished Award of Merit.

The honor was presented at the Council’s Engineering Excellence Awards Gala and is the highest honor ACEC bestows on an individual. Previous winners include Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and Herbert Hoover, along with Carl Sagan and Neil Armstrong.

This esteemed accolade recognizes Blackwell-Thompson’s outstanding contributions to the engineering industry and her exceptional leadership in advancing the frontiers of space exploration.

Charlie Blackwell-Thompson, currently serving as the Launch Director for NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, has dedicated her career to pushing the boundaries of engineering excellence. Her visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to innovation have played a vital role in shaping NASA’s space missions and fostering collaboration within the engineering community.

Throughout her tenure, Blackwell-Thompson has exhibited exceptional technical expertise, managerial acumen, and a passion for inspiring future generations of engineers.

Her notable contributions in the successful planning, coordination, and execution of complex space launches have positioned NASA at the forefront of scientific exploration. This award not only recognizes her remarkable individual accomplishments but also highlights the vital role that engineering plays in driving progress and unlocking the mysteries of our universe.

“ACEC is delighted to present Charlie Blackwell-Thompson with the 2023 Distinguished Award of Merit. Her extraordinary accomplishments and dedication to engineering exemplify the highest standards of our profession,” said Jay Wolverton, ACEC Board Chair.

“Charlie’s exceptional leadership at NASA has not only propelled space exploration but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring engineers worldwide. We are honored to recognize her outstanding contributions to the field.”

ACEC congratulates Charlie Blackwell-Thompson on this well-deserved recognition and expresses gratitude for her invaluable contributions to the engineering industry.

Her unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation continues to inspire engineers across the globe, shaping the future of space exploration and engineering advancement.

To view the award presentation online, click here.

To access a folder of photos and a video of the award presentation, click here.


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July 14, 2023

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