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The communications market sector is one of the few expected to grow over the coming years and may be the most resilient during the current pandemic caused recession. In this Private Industry Brief Special Issue we take a deeper look into two significant parts of the communications sector: data centers, which are largely “vertical” projects; and telecommunications, which includes “horizontal” infrastructure focused on broadband. Once considered niche markets, data centers and telecommunications are increasingly mainstream due to the growth of connected devices and the massive amounts of data moving across the internet. The work from home environment of the COVID 19 era has resulted in even more streaming media and meeting applications. Analysis by the Uptime Institute finds that media streaming represents the biggest portion of global internet traffic, and it is in fact the “energy guzzler of the internet”.

Many firms count data center developers and owners as well as telecommunications companies as major clients. Typically working under Master Services Agreements or similar type of contracts, a wide range of engineering services are provided to these clients, including: civil, mechanical/electrical, structural, environmental, geotechnical, and water related design. Telecommunications and other utility clients are also significant buyers of surveying and mapping services, because their projects often span large geographies.

Also in the private industry brief:

  • Market Scope
  • 5 Market Trends
  • Top Clients
  • Top Data Center Markets
  • Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) H1 2020 Performance by Sector
  • Business Development Insight
  • U.S. Broadband Access by County
  • Top A/E/C Firms in the Data Center Market
  • Top Engineering Firms in Telecommunications Market
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Information Technology, Market Intelligence


June 16, 2020

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