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The Distinguished Service Award recognizes an individual who has provided exemplary service to ACEC.

  1. Eligibility. Any individual who has provided exemplary service to ACEC, except anyone who has held the position of Chair of the Board or President or currently serving on ACEC’s Executive Committee, is eligible to receive this award. Examples of eligible individuals include, but are not limited to, Committee and Coalition members, board members of the ACEC Trust Programs, service providers, and employees of ACEC and the Member Organizations. Meritorious service to Member Organizations and length of service to ACEC are not, in themselves, sufficient grounds for receiving this award.
  2. Nominations. Nominations for this award must be made by one or more Chairs Emeritus or Past Presidents, or by the Executive Committee of ACEC.  No other nominations will be considered in making the award. Chairs Emeritus or Past Presidents offering nominations for the award must submit adequate biographical information on the nominee to permit proper evaluation of the nominee’s qualifications.  As used in these rules, a Chair Emeritus or Past President is defined as any Member or Fellow of ACEC who has served as Chair of the Board or President of ACEC.
  3. Evaluation of Candidates. The evaluation of nominees for the award shall be made by a special Subcommittee composed of the most recent Chair Emeritus of ACEC as Chair, and the next four most recent Chairs Emeritus or Past Presidents of ACEC. This Evaluation Subcommittee shall submit to the entire Committee of Past Chairs its evaluation of the various candidates nominated for the award in calling for a referendum of the full Committee on the question of final selection.
  4. Selection of Candidates. To be selected for the award, a nominated candidate must receive approval by at least two-thirds of those Chairs Emeritus and Past Presidents voting, in person or by remote communication, at a meeting called for the purpose of selecting a candidate for the award. At the direction of the Chair of the Committee of Past Chairs, balloting for selection of a candidate may be accomplished by mail.
  5. Presentation of Award. The Distinguished Service Award will be presented by the Chair of the Committee of Past Chairs at the Annual Convention or Fall Conference of ACEC. Presentation at any other time is permitted by a majority vote of those Chairs Emeritus and Past Presidents voting.
  6. Unsuccessful Candidates. If an otherwise eligible candidate does not receive a two-thirds majority vote of the Chairs Emeritus and Past Presidents, as required above, no award will be made for that year. A maximum number of two awards, including posthumous awards, may be made in any one year. If a nominated candidate fails to receive the award in the year he or she is nominated, he or she shall not be disqualified for future nominations and/or selection, and his or her subsequent consideration for the award shall not be prejudiced thereby.
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March 23, 2023

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