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The ACEC Research Institute produces several reports and resources that are helpful to engineering firms, including the annual Economic Assessment of the Engineering and Design Services Industry and the Business Sentiment Survey. These reports provide a wealth of information on industry trends, government statistics, and other factors that are relevant to engineering firms. Join this insightful roundtable where a panel of distinguished experts will talk through various examples of how they use ACEC Research (and other sources) to strategically manage and grow their firm. Examples will include the engineering and design services industry forecast, business sentiment, key government statistics, and more.

In this roundtable, you’ll learn how to use the latest data to make informed business decisions, improve your performance, and stay ahead of industry trends.

Previously recorded March 7. 2023

Robert Belitz, CEO, Tighe & Bond
Joe Irizarry, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Raba Kistner
Alyson Watson, CEO, Woodard & Curran
Moderator: Joseph Bates, ACEC Research Institute

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Institute Research, Roundtable

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Future of Engineering Roundtable Series, Institute Research


March 7, 2023

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