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Welcome to the second issue of ACEC’s quarterly publication on the economic trends and indicators most relevant to the engineering industry. In this issue you’ll find a brief update on the top five macroeconomic trends for 2019, information on when business economists are predicting the next recession, A/E services revenue data, and a look at which markets have shown growth, stability, or loss in the last year, as well as which states are showing economic momentum.

More in this brief:

  • U.S. Construction Put in Place, June 2018-2019
  • U.S. A/E Firm Revenues, 2Q 2018-2Q 2019
  • Sustainable Fiscal Solutions Highlight Infrastructure Importance
  • Think Tank Recommendations for a Federal Carbon Tax
  • 2019 Performance by Market Sector
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Economic Insight, Market Intelligence


July 15, 2019

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