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The pandemic has caused a great deal of disruption throughout the economy and its impacts will be felt for many years. The A/E industry is not immune from these long-lasting impacts, including a resumption of Climate Change Policies and Programs as a major initiative by government and Energy Producers. In this fourth installment in an ongoing series of future-focused roundtables, the ACEC Research Institute will examine the potential impact of Renewables and Sustainability on energy policies going forward with a focus on Climate Change driven projects. This roundtable will address the following areas:

Is NetZero in danger of falling to the wayside in a post-pandemic world, or will it re-emerge as a major initiative by both Private and Public sectors?
Should firms increase their focus on Climate Change driven programs including Renewables, Sustainability and Resiliency?
How will design needs differ between urban, suburban and rural buildings?
How do you staff your firm in terms of skill sets for the future of energy efficient design?

Roger Frechette III, PE, Managing Principal, Interface Engineering
Lisa C. Moerner, Director Innovation & Sustainability Technology, Dominion Energy Services, Inc.
Andy Solberg, Global Technology Leader, Jacobs
Tommy Wells, Director, Department of Energy and Environment, Washington DC.

Moderator: Joseph Bates, ACEC Research Institute.

Additional Sustainability and Renewables in a Post-Pandemic World resources:
Podcast: Exploring NetZero with Tommy Wells
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Institute Research, Roundtable

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Future of Engineering Roundtable Series, Institute Research


February 11, 2021

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