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During this Roundtable we will discuss key takeaways from research recently completed by the ACEC Research Institute designed to better understand the technological landscape in the engineering and design services industry. This includes how various technologies are being deployed and the value they provide to various firms across the industry.

Our panel discussion will focus on three areas of technology, including:

Engineering Collaboration: These workflow tools include a connected firm data environment and business process automation, driving efficiency, improved communication, collaboration, and shared access.
3D Modeling and BIM Automation: These tools include model design and review, digital twins, virtual reality (VR) and digital delivery, allowing project participants virtual insights, increasing buy-in, and saving time and money due to more informed decision making among all stakeholders.
Insight Tools: The broadest of the three categories includes tools and technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, GIS, and data analytics. These tools automate tasks that were once done manually or not at all, and many of these tools are used in combination to innovate more comprehensive solutions to complex challenges.


Joseph Bates, Consultant, ACEC Research Institute
Lori Hufford, Vice President, Design and Engineering, Enterprise Systems, Bentley Systems
Steve Ross, Chief Information Officer, EXP Global
Moderator; Jon Gray, Principal, Rockport Analytics

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Institute Research

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Future of Engineering Roundtable Series, Institute Research


January 18, 2022

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