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2016 ACEC Annual Convention Fact Sheets:

ACEC Has Strong Relationship with DOT Secretary Nominee Elaine Chao
President-Elect Trump has nominated Elaine Chao to head the U.S. Department of Transportation. Click Here for entire story.

ACEC Gets Big Win as Overtime Pay Rule Put on Hold
A federal judge issued a preliminary injunction last week that prevents the Department of Labor’s overtime pay rule from taking effect on December 1. Click Here for entire story.

Kentucky and Oklahoma Cross Fundraising Goal Line; ACEC/PAC Closes in on $1 Million in 2016
ACEC/Kentucky and ACEC/Oklahoma have hit their PAC fundraising targets for 2016, bringing the state total to 24. Click Here for entire story.

ACEC Challenges Estate Tax Rule
ACEC has joined a coalition of construction industry allies in challenging a proposed rule that would raise estate taxes on family-owned firms. Click Here for entire story.

ACEC Lists Priorities for President-Elect Trump
ACEC President/CEO Dave Raymond released this week a series of policy recommendations for the Trump Administration in 2017. Click Here for entire story.

More than $200 Billion in Infrastructure Projects Approved on Election Day
Nearly 70 percent of the 280 initiatives passed, raising gas, sales, income, or property taxes to fund projects. Click Here for entire story.

ACEC/PAC Fundraising Demands Continue as Debt Retirement Requests Rise
“We want to stress that the need to raise ACEC/PAC dollars did not end on November 8th” said ACEC President and CEO Dave Raymond. Click Here for entire story.

Trump Emphasizes Infrastructure Agenda in Victory Speech
President-Elect Donald Trump re-asserted his strong support for an aggressive infrastructure agenda in his victory speech on Tuesday night. Click Here for entire story.

ACEC/PAC Wins Big on Election Day; Fundraising to Continue During Upcoming Lame Duck Session
Ninety-seven percent of the candidates that ACEC/PAC supported for the House and Senate won their races on election day. Click Here for entire story.

Minuteman-Supported Ballot Initiatives Cruising To Victory In Washington State and Nevada
"This will represent substantial work for our membership," said ACEC/Washington President/CEO Van Collins. Click Here for entire story.

Nebraska and North Dakota Join Growing List of States Surpassing ACEC/PAC Goal
ACEC/Nebraska and ACEC/North Dakota have reached their PAC fundraising goal for 2016, bringing the total to 22 states. Click Here for entire story.

FAA Forecasts Five-Year Decline in Airport Construction
The FAA says airport construction projects and other upgrades that qualify for federal Airport Improvement Program grants will fall over the next five years. Click Here for entire story.

U.S. DOT Releases Intelligent Transportation Systems Publications
The U.S. Department of Transportation has published five new reports highlighting its latest research initiatives and findings related to intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Click Here for entire story.

ACEC/PAC Support for Pro-Business Candidates Nears $2 Million As Election Day Approaches
Propelled by record fundraising efforts in the states, ACEC/PAC is expected to distribute close to $2 million to more than 350 candidates for the U.S. House and Senate by election day. Click Here for entire story.

Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania Surpass Fundraising Goals, Add to ACEC/PAC Momentum
ACEC/Maryland, ACEC/New York and ACEC/Pennsylvania became the latest states to reach their 2016 ACEC/PAC goals. Click Here for entire story.

ACEC, Coalition Allies Call for More Public-Private Partnerships for Infrastructure
ACEC is part of a pro-business coalition calling on Congress to increase the use of public-private partnerships (P3s) to address infrastructure needs. Click Here for entire story.

U.S. DOT Sets Deadline for Applications for $850 Million in FASTLANE Grants
The deadline for submitting applications is Dec. 15, 2016. Click Here for entire story.


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