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2016 ACEC Annual Convention Fact Sheets:

ACEC Awards Minuteman Fund Grant to ACEC/Nevada to Support Infrastructure
ACEC/Nevada is leading a wide-ranging coalition that is campaigning for a ballot measure indexing fuel taxes. Click Here for entire story.

Georgia and Alaska Reach PAC Goals as Congressional Elections Heat Up
ACEC/GA and ACEC/AK both reached their ACEC/PAC goals this week. Click Here for entire story.

Appeals Court Dissolves Injunction on Dakota Access Pipeline; ACEC Calls for Granting of Easement
ACEC joined with labor, trade, and business associations in a letter to President Obama asking that the USACE issue the easement necessary under Lake Oahe for Dakota Access Pipeline to complete construction. Click Here for entire story.

ACEC Calls on Presidential Candidates to Include Trust Fund Fix in Infrastructure Plans
ACEC joined more than 30 business, labor, transportation and travel groups in urging both major party presidential candidates to include long-term, sustainable transportation funding measures. Click Here for entire story.

At ACEC's Urging, Department of Labor Improves Sick Time Rule
In response to concerns raised by ACEC, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has significantly reduced the reporting requirement in its final “Sick Time” rule. Click Here for entire story.

Lawmakers Brief SEI Class on Infrastructure Funding, Tax Reform
Members of ACEC’s Senior Executives Institute (SEI) Class 22 met with key lawmakers on Capitol Hill last week to discuss a number of industry priorities. Click Here for entire story.

Arizona and Kansas Join Growing list of States Surpassing ACEC/PAC 2016 Goals
ACEC/Arizona and ACEC/Kansas reached their ACEC/PAC goals this week. Click Here for entire story.

Representative Gerry Connolly Discusses Election Impact, Infrastructure Funding During Visit to ACEC Headquarters
Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) (left), a member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, discussed Congressional agenda items and the presidential contest with ACEC members. Click Here for entire story.

House Votes to Delay Overtime Rule
The House of Representatives voted to delay for six months the DOL's new overtime pay rule, which takes effect December 1st and would increase the salary threshold for overtime purposes. Click Here for entire story.

Report: Vehicle Mileage Tax Is Best Option for Long-Term Highway Funding
Researchers at IUPUI have determined that a vehicle mileage tax would increase tax revenue for road projects by 54 to 101 percent by 2040. Click Here for entire story.

House Poised to Pass $5 Billion WRDA Bill; Conference with Senate Next
ACEC will continue working to ensure that the QBS language and other water infrastructure provisions are included in the final version of the bill. Click Here for entire story.

Minuteman Fund Grant Helps Oregon Fight for Transportation Funding
ACEC has awarded a Minuteman Fund grant to ACEC/Oregon to help defray the cost of supporting a major public advocacy campaign. Click Here for entire story.

ACEC/PAC Passes $700K Mark; Metro Washington Joins List of MOs to be Recognized at Fall Conference
"Every day we witness the importance of congressional action and federal advocacy upon the engineering business community," said Jerry Kavadias of A. Morton Thomas & Associates. Click Here for entire story.

Proposed Treasury Department Rule Would Harm Family-Owned Firms
ACEC and other business organizations are challenging a proposed Treasury Department rule that would raise the cost of passing a firm on to family members. Click Here for entire story.

ACEC Reviewing U.S. DOT Policy Guidance on Autonomous Vehicles
The Council is reviewing the guidance, with particular attention to the impact on transportation infrastructure planning and development. Click Here for entire story.



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