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Transportation Initiatives Fared Well in Mid-Term Elections
The defeat of Proposition 6 in California, which would have repealed $5.2 billion in annual transportation infrastructure improvements, was the biggest transportation win in last week's elections, but there were many smaller victories. Click Here for entire story.

Political Divide Could Lead to Passage of Infrastrucutre Legilsation

The divided Congress may increase the chances for a new federal transportation infrastructure program to replace the FAST Act, which expires in September 2020. Click Here for entire story.

Baltimore Voters Say No to Water Privatization

More than three-quarters of Baltimore residents last week voted to ban the privatization of the city's water and sewerage systems. Baltimore is the largest U.S. city to explicitly rule out water privatization. Click Here for entire story.

ACEC/Texas Support Senator Cornyn

ACEC/Texas Chairman Gary Raba and ACEC Government Affairs Vice President Steve Hall met with Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) at his annual hunting trip. Click Here for entire story.






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