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The purpose of the Committee is to advise the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors on strategies and implementation steps for strengthening ACEC's governance and progress.

2023-24 Goals

  1. Undertake, as requested by the Chair, the study of program or organizational improvements for ACEC.
  2. Review the ACEC Bylaws and Rules of Policy & Procedure and make recommendations for amendments as appropriate, including for the removal of barriers to greater inclusion and diversity within ACEC.
  3. Raising appreciation for the essentiality of engineering is vital to the industry’s success in influencing: young people to join the profession, policymakers to champion supportive legislation, and clients to pay for value versus hours.
    • Where and how and how much should the Council invest to raise awareness of the essentiality of the engineering profession?
  4. ACEC’s conferences draw over 2,000 participants each year providing an opportunity for education and networking for our member firms and serving as a platform for our advocacy work.  But are those conferences aligned with our strategic goals (essentiality of engineering, vibrant member engagement, diversity and inclusion, expanded influential membership, and leading business strategy)?  Specifically, the Planning Cabinet could consider:
    • How can we ensure the conferences are attended by an increasingly more diverse group of participants or is it an audience of “familiars”?
    • Do our conferences appeal to the next generation of engineers?
    • Are there adequate opportunities for all of the participants to engage or are there barriers to inclusion?
    • Do firms come away from our events with tools for improved business strategy?
    • Are we doing enough to use the conferences as a platform to promote the essentiality of engineering?

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