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The purpose of the Committee is to undertake a proactive legislative and regulatory advocacy program in the areas of tax, finance, employment policy, and other regulatory areas on behalf of ACEC member firms.

2023-24 Goals

  1. Advocate for repeal or delay of the R&D amortization requirement.
  2. Advance a workforce agenda with a key focus on lifting the cap on H-1B visas and other employment-based immigration policies.
  3. Advocate for balanced and competitive tax rates for member firms of all business structures in advance of the expiration of passthrough tax rates and the Section 199A deduction at the end of 2025.
  4. Promote the preservation of cash accounting for A/E firms, S corporation reforms, and ESOPs.
  5. Work with the Department of Labor and other agencies on workforce regulatory issues including the FTC proposed ban on noncompete agreements, revisions to FLSA overtime pay requirements, Davis-Bacon expansion, and rules on independent contractors.
  6. Work with the Department of the Treasury and the IRS on implementation of the tax provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act.
  7. Maintain strong liaison with ACEC’s Finance Forum, HR Forum, Risk Management Committee and Legal Counsel Forum.

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