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August 13, 2021

A/E/C Consultant Article Describes Horrors of a Cyberattack for Firms

Two A/E/C firms who survived the nightmare of ransomware attacks share up-close and personal fears, and potential tragic outcomes after experiencing such an attack, as told to a noted industry consultant.

The article: How Will Your Firm Survive a Cyber Attack? was written by Rich Friedman, President of Friedman & Partners, who has worked in and consulted for the A/E/C and environmental consulting industries for more than 25 years. His perspectives have been published in Engineering News Record, and ACEC’s Engineering Inc., among several other industry media.

In addition to frightening details, the article provides several crucial steps that every firm should take to protect itself from this growing and potentially catastrophic threat.

It concludes: “When discussing cyberattacks with anyone knowledgeable on the topic – security experts, victims, insurers, even the criminals themselves – their ominous warning is the same: it is not if your firm will be attacked, it’s when.”

Click here to view entire article.

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August 13, 2021



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