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March 12, 2019

How Much is Your Firm Worth?

Owning a privately held engineering company isn’t like owning stock in a publicly traded company, where shares trade daily and anyone with a connection to the internet can find the current price. So without current market quotes, how are privately held businesses like yours valued?

In the March 20 online class How to Value Your Engineering Company, Matt Fultz and Scott Ahearn of Matheson Financial Advisors will examine three generally accepted valuation methods–the asset approach, market approach, and income approach–and discuss how they’re applied to engineering firms.

The presenters will also identify the underlying financial factors that impact firm value, explore the link between firm financial performance and building shareholder value, and delve into the differences between how firms are valued for internal ownership transition compared to acquisition by a third party.

For more information and to register, A href=””>click here.

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March 12, 2019



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